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All Your Base Are Belong To Us


Bitorrent of Love - by W. Scott Snyder

You pwnd my heart, I'm such a n00b
Ur in my base killin' all my dudez
Z O M G, I love you girl
L O L Z u r0xx0r my world

Ur Uber packets are quite teh sight
As we download long into the night
f 2 f  or  p 2 p
I w00t whenever ur with me

You're haxxor cool, you've got the mad leet skillz
In the M M O you always get the most kills
So take my bits, my port is open wide
My torrent of love is waiting there inside   

I Digg you babe, you're on my best friends list
You're, sealed with a kiss
You are my peer, you know it's true
All my base are belong to U

I'll ping your socket to make sure you're awake
Then I'll upload my data, fast as you can take
Distributed, of course, across all of our peers
But it was compiled for you, so have no fears